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How can physical classroom routines (submitting work and getting help) be transformed for effective use in virtual spaces? This webinar will discuss how to teach students the necessary skills to confidently navigate virtual learning communities and also help students transition to virtual/remote learning that seems familiar to face-to-face instruction. Read More

Centering your K-12 science instruction around phenomena can build student engagement and understanding.  We’ll explore key aspects of science instruction, share NGSS-aligned resources for the new school year, and consider strategies (like Driving Question Boards) that support science in your K-12 (possibly virtual) classrooms.  Read More

Explore research-based programs that you can use yourself or with your students to set the tone of the classroom. The idea will roughly follow Maslow's idea that we need to all feel safe to be in the proper mindset to teach and learn. Read More

Join us as we explore our favorite PK-13 edtech tools while also considering what quality lesson design at a distance looks like. We’ll share how we use guidelines like The Triple E Framework (Dr. Liz Kolb) to figure out how well our favorite tools are helping us engage our students and enhance and extend their learning goals. Read More

Our youngest learners are navigating the world online and off. How can we best accommodate the digital world, keeping our early childhood students’ diverse and unique needs in mind? Using technology to provide learning, but knowing when offline options are best or better—a look at evaluating technology and developing online activities for our students with parent supports Y5-2. Read More

Quality practice looks, sounds, and feels different virtually. Let’s practice with tools that teachers and paraeducators can use with students. We will learn about best practices for online learning, including instructor presence, learning objectives, real world applications, clear expectations, engaging students, prompt feedback, and netiquette. We will focus on two platforms: Seesaw and Google Classroom. Read More

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