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In this course, we will introduce the importance of creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+ students, and especially those who are Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC). We will review NEA’s Racial Justice Framework, data from the nation’s leading research organizations on LGBTQ+ youth and discuss how we as educators can intentionally create safer spaces for LGBTQ+ students.   Read More

Walking the Talk: Classroom Strategies for Addressing LGBTQ+ Bias is the second of six courses in the NEA’s LGBTQ+ training series. Stereotypes and prejudice are the seeds of bias, and the reality is that all humans hold some degree of bias. Unfortunately, whether conscious or unconscious, acting on a bias has profound negative effects on students, especially those who are LGBTQ+ and BIPOC.   Read More

This course, designed for educators and education leaders, provides an overview of effective messaging and communication strategies on controversial issues. It also offers resources and models for talking to constituents about the need to address LGBTQ+ related bias in schools, advocating for LGBTQ+ affirming policies, and providing LGBTQ+ inclusive education.  Read More

Educators who participate in a PLC to complete a micro-credential are more likely to earn their badge the first time. The virtual PLC will be facilitated by a trained micro-credential facilitator and consist of weekly support meetings via zoom. This course is meant to support and train NEA micro-credential facilitators to successfully implement an association led micro-credential PLC at a National, State or Local level.   Read More

NEA edCommunities is a social website that connects educators, parents, and community members. The goal is to share ideas and resources that improve student success.  In this course, you will become familiar with NEA edCommunities while learning the technical aspects of the tool, design a community that engages members, and create a profile and group. Read More

This course is meant to support and train NEA micro-credential writers to successfully write a NEA Micro-credential. Read More

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