The Strategies for Effective Conversations Course was written with the goal that we can coach ourselves to improve our communication skills; therefore, you will have an opportunity to learn and implement the strategies for effective conversations described in this course. In order to do this, first, you will read and analyze the key elements of each strategy, then decide how you would like to implement it during a subsequent conversation. During this process, we highly suggest video recording your conversations and then analyzing your videos using some guiding questions that will help you to organize your thoughts while explaining your rationale as a way to reflect about the implementation and learning process. Read more

This course is designed for instructional coaches who will be supporting and coaching teachers remotely. Emphasis is on leveraging technology to create systems in order to support educators in their practice. While the aim of the course is to support educators remotely, all of the practices here can also be used in an in-person environment to encourage collaboration, create content, and offer “wrap-around” support. Read more

Instructional coaches act as change agents by supporting teachers as they grow in their professional skills. Effective coaching encourages personal growth through questioning, goal-setting, observation, and reflection. Coaching in a virtual environment requires that both the coach and the coachee commit to working in this new environment. As an instructional coach, you can leverage digital tools to impact teachers and students alike. Through this course, you will capitalize on your current skill set as you move your coaching to the virtual environment. Read more

Educators employ many resources and strategies to foster student engagement in a well-managed classroom. Developing culturally responsive, relevant, and high-interest instruction that accommodates differentiation will increase student interest and create an environment that promotes shared learning experiences, collaboration, discourse, and alternate avenues for learning that will fit the needs of all students. Read more

In this course, you will explore how communication among parents, colleagues, and students plays an integral role in shaping an engaging, equitable, and safe learning environment. Read more

This module is designed to help participants create and implement successful classroom expectations and routines to promote an environment that is conducive to learning. Participants will learn to establish and reinforce routines and behavioral norms to collaborate with learners to create positive classroom expectations. Read more

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