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The ability to make screen recordings has become an essential skill. What are the benefits of Loom, Screencastify, Screencast-o-Matic, Quicktime, as compared to other tools? Learn how to make a video, share a video, and edit a video. Also, learn about some best practices and fun ideas for screencasts. Read More

Recorded on August 10, 2020 Join ed tech experts in exploring examples of what distance education might “look” like for you and your students. We will also consider the transitional thinking required to best support student engagement and success. Read More

How do you support students with IEPs, English language learners, and older students with developing literacy skills in an asynchronous distance learning environment? Using Google Classroom, learn strategies for providing accommodations, scaffolds, SIOP features, and elements of explicit instruction in an asynchronous setting that support all students. Read More

Learn how can you create meaningful relationships with and between students in a safe virtual space. Read More

Videos are a great way to connect with your students. Learn how to create your own videos using QuickTime Player, Screencastify, and Loom and how to share them in your LMS (Learning Management System) asynchronously. And we can explore ways to link videos that other people have created in your online space. Read More

In this course you will learn how to host and facilitate a successful Zoom meeting with your participants.  You will also attend Two Virtual Meetings. Read More

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