During this module, participants will explore opportunities to increase family and community involvement by understanding the five steps of advocacy leading to the implementation of an English language learner (ELL) family workshop.  Read More

This course will approach culturally relevant pedagogy as a way of teaching that draws on the cultural knowledge, backgrounds, and experiences of students to make the learning more meaningful and appropriate to support student achievement. Read More

This course focuses on the need for educators to teach academic language as well as content. Teachers must ensure that English Language Learners(ELLs) have access to grade-level and challenging content within a standards-based framework. They must also implement strategies that help ELLs access this content. Read More

In this course, you will explore how communication among parents, colleagues, and students plays an integral role in shaping an engaging, equitable, and safe learning environment. Read More

NEA’s blended learning is designed to help educators meet the needs of their students.  At the NEA we believe in our members and their professionalism, knowledge and skills, for that reason our blended learning courses are written and facilitated by educators for educators. Read More

This course is designed for educators who are looking to discover the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to lead thriving Associations and become world-class leaders in their professions. This is a foundational course and will define for participants what it means to be a 21st century education leader. Additionally, participants will deepen their awareness of the value of the NEA Leadership Competency Framework as a lens and tool through which they can chart their individual leadership journey and/or assist others in their development.  Read More

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