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In March of 2020, educators, students, their families, and our communities’ worlds were turned upside down. Over the course of a week, local school districts, colleges and universities, and states announced the closure of physical school buildings, along with how they would attempt to execute remote learning plans. Some had an easy transition to online learning, while others floundered. Educators managed to pull off the impossible and move to fully remote online classrooms. Educators worked around the clock to find training, resources, and best practices; Facebook groups popped up; and, educators leaned on each other.  All for the sake of students and their learning - academics as well as social emotional support. While this is still a turbulent time for educators, our students, their families, and our communities, a whole new world of possibilities has been opened for education with the increased integration of technology. The deeper educators dive into remote learning, the clearer it becomes that best practices in the classroom, although they may look a little different, are still best practices online. Read More

This course will guide educators through the many options for online collaboration and communication with students, families, and colleagues. More specifically, these tools can be used to ease the communication process between school and home in the event of remote learning .   Read More

In this course you will explore equity and access issues that relate to remote learning.  The 3 main topics you will explore are: The digital divide  Teaching and learning resources Other issues  Read More

Now’s the time to take your Google Classroom to the next level! Come learn how to maximize Google Classroom for remote teaching and learning purposes with embedded opportunities for social emotional learning, more complex assignments, interactive learning environments, tools for one-on-one student support and opportunities to differentiate practice to fit your students’ needs’ Read More

This is an independent study course for educational leaders who wish to learn how to use Google Suite. Read More

NEA’s blended learning is designed to help educators meet the needs of their students.  At the NEA we believe in our members and their professionalism, knowledge and skills, for that reason our blended learning courses are written and facilitated by educators for educators. Read More

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