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Advocacy Self Assessment Advances the cause of public education through advocacy for students including addressing racial and social justice in education and how it benefits our students and members’ professional needs and rights. Read More

Communication Self Assessment Build and execute an integrated communications strategy that drives the mission, vision, core values and strategic goals of the Association   Read More

Governance and Leadership Competency Assessment Sets the mission and establishes strategies necessary for a relevant and thriving Association while empowering, motivating, and fostering a pipeline of diverse leaders. Read More

Leading Our Professions Advocated for professional learning, professional quality and social diversity inside our professions and promotes our union’s role in advancing education transformation, student learning, and equitable access to opportunities. Read More

Organizing Competency Assessment Mobilizes, activates and engages members and leaders to support internal and external relationships and Association capacity to: recruit, retain and identify diverse groups of members and leaders; and advance strategic priorities at the national, state and local levels. Read More

Strategy and Fiscal Health Competency Assessment Use Association resources responsibly to accomplish the goals of the Association through strategic thinking, effective financial management and understanding of fiduciary responsibilities. Read More

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