Learn how you can join and use a Virtual Phone Bank (VPB) to call other members and speak with them about important issues facing public education. We will cover how to access a virtual phone bank, how to properly record conversations in VAN, and how to feel confident and comfortable while delivering a message to fellow members. Read More

Learn how to tell your story in a digital space and use relational organizing to build relationships that can create real-world change. Read More

We need a be continuously building a movement of pro-public education supporters to stand up and take action if we’re going to continue winning for our students and schools. Unfortunately, most people will not get involved unless they are asked, and that’s where you come in. Learn the strategies and tactics on how to effectively reach out to your network and ask them to get involved while empowering and compelling them to take action. Read More

Mobilize America helps you stay up to date on the events being held by your favorite organizations so you can easily stay involved and informed. Learn how you can find and sign up for events & actions that interest you and then share them with your network. Read More

NEA’s blended learning is designed to help educators meet the needs of their students.  At the NEA we believe in our members and their professionalism, knowledge and skills, for that reason our blended learning courses are written and facilitated by educators for educators. Read More

This course is designed for educators who are looking to discover the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to lead thriving Associations and become world-class leaders in their professions. This is a foundational course and will define for participants what it means to be a 21st century education leader. Additionally, participants will deepen their awareness of the value of the NEA Leadership Competency Framework as a lens and tool through which they can chart their individual leadership journey and/or assist others in their development.  Read More

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