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NEA is offering its members an opportunity to re-energize by enrolling in virtual Social-Emotional Learning courses. Enrollment Now Open for Fall Sessions GO TO learn more.

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This online course is designed for community college educators and trainers who want to facilitate an online learning and/or blended learning course.  This course introduces participants to online course design methods, along with ideas for instructional technology integration.  There will be an emphasis on research-based practices for online course design and student engagement. This course also outlines methods to evaluate, select, and implement appropriate technology in an instructional setting. Read More

This course is designed for educators who are looking to discover the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to lead thriving Associations and become world-class leaders in their professions. This is a foundational course and will define for participants what it means to be a 21st century education leader. Additionally, participants will deepen their awareness of the value of the NEA Leadership Competency Framework as a lens and tool through which they can chart their individual leadership journey and/or assist others in their development.  Read More

This course demonstrates how to use the NEA Leadership Competency Framework as a tool to assist educators on their leadership journey. Additionally, this course articulates how the framework supports a strategic approach to leadership development at the organizational level. It is recommended that you complete Leadership Development 101: A Foundational Course for Activists and Leaders before enrolling in this course. Leadership Development 101 is designed to deepen your understanding of the NEA Leadership Development Competency Framework. Read More

Advocacy Self Assessment Advances the cause of public education through advocacy for students including addressing racial and social justice in education and how it benefits our students and members’ professional needs and rights. Read More

Communication Self Assessment Build and execute an integrated communications strategy that drives the mission, vision, core values and strategic goals of the Association   Read More

Governance and Leadership Competency Assessment Sets the mission and establishes strategies necessary for a relevant and thriving Association while empowering, motivating, and fostering a pipeline of diverse leaders. Read More

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