In this independent study course, you will explore culture, culturally responsive teaching, and ideas about the meaning of relational and academic equity in your classroom. Read more

In this course, you will work with a team to identify root causes of problems and develop an organizing plan to address them.  Your team will work with key decision-makers to kick-start change. Read more

Through a review of relevant research and resources, this course will support educators in a process of self-examination around some of the assumptions we may make about the effort our culturally and linguistically diverse students exert, then examine what energizes them to learn. Read more

This course will introduce the C.A.R.E. themes through an equity and civil rights lens.  It will also demonstrate how these themes address equity and mitigate the achievement gap.  Read more

In this module, participants will learn how schools can build resilience in their students. In addition, they will learn strategies to build caring student relationships and communicate high expectations. Lastly, they will learn how to integrate restorative practices to foster supportive and inclusive school communities. Read more

In this course, you will learn ways to help a diverse array of students meet high standards by analyzing and questioning long-standing assumptions about student ability.  Read more

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