This course is designed to help participants create and implement successful classroom expectations and routines to promote an environment that is conducive to learning. Participants will learn to establish and reinforce routines and behavioral norms to collaborate with learners to create positive classroom expectations.  Read More

In this course, educators identify key elements of a trauma-informed pedagogy and design a healing-centered learning environment for students.  Read More

Educators will be able to define and describe implicit and explicit bias and identify how bias influences decisions, actions, and behaviors with students and families. Educators will also identify specific actions they can take to disrupt bias in their classrooms, schools, and districts. Read More

Educators will explore and understand historical inequities in education, identify how this impacts the public education system, schools, students, and families. Describe historical and current inequities. Identify how historical inequities have impacted the institution of public education. Identify how historical inequities have affected students and families. Identify specific actions they can take to disrupt white supremacy culture in public education. Read More

Through this course, educators will be guided to define and identify examples of inequity in education and understand the impact of those inequities. They will also reflect on their current practice and develop action steps that promote equity, inclusion, and belonging. Read More

Educators will develop a common language and understanding for diversity, equity, and cultural competence. This will allow them to effectively develop and implement strategies that value the cultural experiences of all students and their families. When students’ diverse cultural experiences are valued in their education, they are honored and feel a sense of belonging—something that helps them to engage with the content. Thereby, promoting social and academic success. Read More

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