Helping all children learn is our goal as educators. In this course, you will learn specific techniques and approaches to support learners who may be experiencing refugee trauma.  Read More

This course will discuss race-based trauma, its cause and effect, and offer educators research-based tools to address it. This information will also help educators create healing-centered environments for all students.  Read More

This course explains what poverty-related trauma is and how it can impact student behavior and the ability to learn. The course will also provide guidance for educators on how best to support students experiencing this type of trauma and how to create an overall empathetic classroom environment. Implementing these methods will ultimately benefit all of your students, not only those experiencing trauma. Read More

Our youngest learners are navigating the world online and off. How can we best accommodate the digital world, keeping our early childhood students’ diverse and unique needs in mind? Using technology to provide learning, but knowing when offline options are best or better—a look at evaluating technology and developing online activities for our students with parent supports Y5-2. Read More

Strengthening family, school, and community bonds is a critical factor in raising student achievement, closing achievement gaps, and attaining school improvement goals. In this webinar you will learn how to use NEA Family and Community Engagement Micro-credentials to strengthen your relationships with families and community members. Read More

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