In this course, you will learn how to provide culturally responsive, student-centered, relevant, and differentiated instruction that promotes peer collaboration and engaged learning. Read More

Through a review of relevant research and resources, this course will support educators in a process of self-examination around some of the assumptions we may make about the effort our culturally and linguistically diverse students exert, then examine what energizes them to learn. Read More

This module focuses on building an educator’s understanding of how trauma can impact student responses and behaviors. The module also promotes the educator’s ability to create and maintain a student’s positive engagement in all aspects of learning and interactions, actively minimizing the frequency, intensity, and duration of outbursts. Read More

Building relationships with all students is a keystone element to success as an educator. This course focuses on developing skills to build positive student relationships in your classroom. Read More

This course is based on the eight Overarching Teacher Leadership Competencies. During this course you will identify your strengths and weaknesses in leadership while participating in the design process of learn, design, do, reflect. Read More

In this course, educators identify key elements of a trauma-informed pedagogy and design a healing-centered learning environment for students.  Read More

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