In this course, participants will explore the importance of establishing classroom management rituals and routines along with positive behavior supports with their online students in a remote classroom. Read More

This course will guide educators through the many options for online collaboration and communication with students, families, and colleagues. More specifically, these tools can be used to ease the communication process between school and home in the event of remote learning .  Read More

This online course is designed for community college educators and trainers who want to facilitate an online learning and/or blended learning course.  This course introduces participants to online course design methods, along with ideas for instructional technology integration.  There will be an emphasis on research-based practices for online course design and student engagement. This course also outlines methods to evaluate, select, and implement appropriate technology in an instructional setting. Read More

In this course, educators identify key elements of a trauma-informed pedagogy and design a healing-centered learning environment for students.  Read More

Many students are impacted by trauma, and educators need to understand how experiencing traumatic events can manifest in a variety of student behaviors. In this course, you will learn about the physiological, psychological, and behavioral impact of trauma on students and how to work with your multi-tiered support system (MTSS) in your school to support learners with trauma.   Read More

In this course, educators will learn how secondary traumatic stress, also called compassion fatigue, manifests and how to practice self-care to minimize or prevent secondary traumatic stress. Read More

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