Equity and Challenges for Remote Learning (independent Study)

1 module


Course Length
3 hours

Brandy Bixler

09 Jun 2020



In this course you will explore equity and access issues that relate to remote learning.  The 3 main topics you will explore are:

  • The digital divide 

  • Teaching and learning resources

  • Other issues 


In this course, you will learn about the equity challenges caused by the necessity for remote learning, as well as the opportunities you have as educators to to minimize their impact, including: 

  1. Understand the components of the digital divide, along with the supports and strategies necessary to assist students who experience it. 

  2. Implement a variety of teaching and learning resources with your students.

  3. Consider other issues students may be facing outside of academics, and their impact on students.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Teacher Quality Certificate

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Remote Learning: Equity Challenges and Opportunities (Independent Study)
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One of the links is broken. Quiz question 4 has the wrong answer. Quiz question 2, the question is pretending that this issue wasn't there before the pandemic. When in fact, it is something many of us had to be aware of when creating curriculum. The pandemic has definitely made this issue far more pronounced, but it isn't new.

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