Cycle 1 (Fall 2023) - Annawan Education Association - Mentor Teacher 101 (Facilitated Learning)

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Jillian Huber

07 Sep 2023



This course will introduce participants to the process of mentoring a new teacher. The participant will also review the four key themes of an effective classroom as defined by The Framework for Teaching Clusters © The Danielson Group, Inc..  Additionally, the participant will apply the learning by developing their plan for the initial conversation  with their mentee.


In this course you will:

  • Build strong relationships with mentees

  • Diagnose and prioritize mentees’ strengths and areas of growth based on quantitative data

  • Design and implement a coaching support plan to develop mentees’ knowledge and skills in:

    •  content 

    • content-specific pedagogy 

    • classroom management  

    • facilitation of self-reflection skills

Mentor Teacher 101
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The resources provided were excellent. The information and suggestions were very helpful
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As we grow as educators that educate educators, the provided resources blend the knowledge from academia and the experiences of seasoned teachers.
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