COHORT 2 - Fall 2023 National Blended Learning - Trauma 6: Trauma Related to Poverty (Facilitated Learning)

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Natasha Thomas

04 Sep 2023

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This course explains what poverty-related trauma is and how it can impact student behavior and the ability to learn. The course will also provide guidance for educators on how best to support students experiencing this type of trauma and how to create an overall empathetic classroom environment. Implementing these methods will ultimately benefit all of your students, not only those experiencing trauma.


  • Reflect on your underlying assumptions about poverty
  • Identify the factors that contribute to poverty
  • Explain the definition of trauma
  • Identify how poverty can be linked to traumatic experiences
  • Recognize the behaviors and negative learning outcomes associated with poverty-related trauma
  • Create a plan for supporting your students who are experiencing poverty-related trauma

Trauma: 6. Poverty-Related Trauma (Facilitated Learning)
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Everyone should take this course.

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