COHORT 1 - Fall 2022 - National Blended Learning - DECC 3: Awareness of Current Institutional Inequities (Facilitated Learning)

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Monica Generoso

05 Oct 2022

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Through this course, educators will be guided to define and identify examples of inequity in education and understand the impact of those inequities. They will also reflect on their current practice and develop action steps that promote equity, inclusion, and belonging.


At the completion of this lesson, educators will identify and develop a plan to dismantle current institutional inequities, which are the result of historic racism and present-day structural racism and are found in schools and classrooms. Educators will also develop an awareness of institutional inequities by reviewing:

  • Instructional resources
  • Discipline policies
  • Accessibility to rigorous programs
  • Educational opportunities, and more

DECC: 3. Awareness of Current Institutional Inequities (Facilitated Learning)
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This course has allowed me to push past myself in many ways. I am an encourager and a go getter. I really do not quit no matter how hard it gets, however this has been one of the most challenging things I have done with adults in a long time. I have to meet and greet the parents. I have to say something they want to hear so they can be the advocate that's needed for their child(ren). Building a strong and able parent forum is a task that has to be done. The children are our future, no one has the right to neglect students, then say, they are building them up for better. The children are looking and listening to adults be selfish and loveless.
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Thank you for making this learning opportunity possible.

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