COHORT 2 - Summer 2022 National Blended Learning - Walking the Talk: Classroom Strategies for Addressing LGBTQ+ Bias (Facilitated Learning)

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Whitney Walker

11 Jul 2022

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In this course, you will learn how to identify where you may hold an unconscious bias, and explore classroom strategies to address specific anti-LGBTQ+ bias. In addition, you will learn the core tenants of anti-bias, antiracist education and develop action plans to ensure your curriculum, instructional materials, and approach are inclusive and welcoming to all students. 


  • Understand key terminology related to race, education justice, and LGBTQ+
  • Explain how bias in schools impacts LGBTQ+ and BIPOC students
  • Incorporate inclusive curriculum in your work with students
  • Apply an anti-bias, antiracist lens to your teaching practice
  • Develop and LGBTQ+ and BIPOC-inclusive unit or lesson plan to address bias in the classroom

LGBTQ+ 2: Walking the Talk: Classroom Strategies for Addressing LGBTQ+ Bias (Facilitated Learning)-USE THIS ONE
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Added about 2 months ago, by Anonymous
good stuff
Added 3 months ago, by Crystal
I wish I had found the course to complete in real-time with the class. I would have loved to have been a part of the discussion.
Added 4 months ago, by Anonymous
Added 4 months ago, by Alexander
It's been a great chance to learn with others how to make changes to our classes and curriculum, so that our classes can be more inclusive.
Added 4 months ago, by Emily
Engaging and informative
Added 4 months ago, by Cori Ann
Wonderful class!
Added 5 months ago, by Dody
Easy and informative!
Added 9 months ago, by Kirsten
Great information and wonderful resources.
Added 9 months ago, by Terisa
Good presentation
Added 10 months ago, by Anonymous
Great Course!

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