COHORT 3 - Summer 2022 - National Blended Learning - SEL: Social Awareness (Facilitated Learning)

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Lisa Buccigrosse

14 Jun 2022

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The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) has identified five competencies that are crucial to effective Social and Emotional Learning for children and adults. Social-Awareness is one of those competencies and this course will guide educators through the examination of your personal self. 

SEL: Social Awareness (Facilitated Learning Course)
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Added about 4 hours ago, by Anita
Added 7 days ago, by Michael
Added 4 months ago, by Anonymous
Thank you for offering this course. I was reminded why I got into my field, and this helped me with resources I can use immediately.
Added 4 months ago, by Michelle
Added 4 months ago, by Theaphania
Added 4 months ago, by Molly
Added 8 months ago, by Grace
Our coach was so understanding and flexible to listen and answer all questions. It made me reflect and do some deep thinking in my personal and professional practice. I would recommend this course for sure!
Added 8 months ago, by Victoria
Added 9 months ago, by Jeana
Added 11 months ago, by Bailey

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