Classroom Management for Remote Learning (Independent Study)

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Brandy Bixler

04 Dec 2020



In March of 2020, educators, students, their families, and our communities’ worlds were turned upside down. Over the course of a week, local school districts, colleges and universities, and states announced the closure of physical school buildings, along with how they would attempt to execute remote learning plans. Some had an easy transition to online learning, while others floundered. Educators managed to pull off the impossible and move to fully remote online classrooms. Educators worked around the clock to find training, resources, and best practices; Facebook groups popped up; and, educators leaned on each other.  All for the sake of students and their learning - academics as well as social emotional support.

While this is still a turbulent time for educators, our students, their families, and our communities, a whole new world of possibilities has been opened for education with the increased integration of technology. The deeper educators dive into remote learning, the clearer it becomes that best practices in the classroom, although they may look a little different, are still best practices online.


In this course, you will learn the ins and outs of classroom management for remote learning. Participants will walk away with a strong foundation of a classroom management plan for remote learning that can be implemented immediately with their class, whether synchronous, asynchronous, or a hybrid model. Participants will also explore multiple programs available for educators to keep students engaged and accountable while having fun learning. Through exploration and reflection participants will be able to draw parallels between brick and mortar classroom management that they are already familiar with and the new world of classroom management for remote learning


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Teacher Quality Certificate

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Classroom Management for Remote Learning (Independent Study)
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