Leadership Development: Advocacy Self Assessment

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Course Length
15 mins

Cory Wofford

03 Sep 2020



Advocacy Self Assessment

Advances the cause of public education through advocacy for students including addressing racial and social justice in education and how it benefits our students and members’ professional needs and rights.


This assessment will help you to evaluate your knowledge and ability to:

  • Utilize best practices in advocacy and political efforts
  • Engage and build mutually beneficial relationships to advance advocacy and political goals
  • Interpret and act on racial and social justice initiatives
  • Lead public education policy reform
  • Act as a political advocate
  • Make strategic plans that are data driven and uses analysis and metrics to achieve key advocacy and political goals

Leadership Development Self-Assessment: Advocacy
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This assessment allowed me the opportunity to self reflect. It assisted me with aligning my thought process. There is an urgency inside of me to do something different, however I am in need of guidance.
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