Leadership Development: Organizing Self Assessment

1 module


Course Length
20 mins

Cory Wofford

05 Sep 2020



Organizing Competency Assessment

Mobilizes, activates and engages members and leaders to support internal and external relationships and Association capacity to: recruit, retain and identify diverse groups of members and leaders; and advance strategic priorities at the national, state and local levels.


This assessment will help you to evaluate your knowledge and ability to:

  • Utilize best practices, technologies, and methods that through experience and research have led to successful organizing outcomes
  • Build and maintain meaningful community partnerships
  • Make strategic plans that rely on data and analysis to set and achieve key organizing objectives
  • Engage in collective action to identify and address pivotal issues
  • Create conditions for continuous Association growth and strength
  • Foster the development of leaders at all levels of the organization

Leadership Development Assessment: Organizing
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