Classroom Management: Aspects of an Engaged Classroom (Independent Study Course)

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Course Length
5 hours

Jan Parker

26 Feb 2023

$0 - 40


Educators employ many resources and strategies to foster student engagement in a well-managed classroom. Developing culturally responsive, relevant, and high-interest instruction that accommodates differentiation will increase student interest and create an environment that promotes shared learning experiences, collaboration, discourse, and alternate avenues for learning that will fit the needs of all students.


In this course, you will learn how to provide culturally responsive, student-centered, relevant, and differentiated instruction that promotes peer collaboration and engaged learning.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Teacher Quality Certificate

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Classroom Management: Aspects of an Engaged Classroom (Independent Study Course)
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Added about 2 months ago, by Michael
Added about 2 months ago, by Heather
Added 3 months ago, by Yuliya
Added 4 months ago, by Beth
Added 4 months ago, by Shannon
Very easy to follow! Lots of information provided!
Added 4 months ago, by Anonymous
Really great course! Lots of tangible tips and ideas.
Added 6 months ago, by Monica
Added 7 months ago, by Kallista
Added 9 months ago, by Michelle
Added 10 months ago, by Jean
I liked this module better than some of the others because it had more to it than just a lot of links to go to and read. I can do that on Google. Most of the resource links here were user friendly and easy to read, and some embedded differentiated instruction in their content. There were several broken links, and one link had a virus.

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