ESPs: Supporting Our Own Through Peer Mentoring (Course 3 of 4)

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Grace Hwang

08 Aug 2022


The National Education Association recognizes the vital role Education Support Professionals (ESPs) play in ensuring a great public school for every student. That's why, in ESPs: Supporting Our Own Through Peer Mentoring, we're providing you the tools and knowledge necessary to build your own unique ESP peer mentoring program.

ESPs need professional support at all stages of their career. Through peer mentoring, ESPs can receive the specialized, targeted workplace preparation and support that empower ESPs in the workplace, advance their professional excellence, and build the education systems that all our students and members deserve.  

ESPs: Supporting Our Own Through Peer Mentoring is a learning path of four online courses. After completing Course 3, you will automatically be enrolled in Course 4 of the learning path.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate ESP Mentoring Learning Path Course 3 Certificate

ESPs: Supporting Our Own Through Peer Mentoring (3 of 4)
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Added about 20 hours ago, by Gianna
Added 3 days ago, by SHERRY
I learned valuable information and important resources/pdf downloads to help me implement a pilot mentor/mentee program. I feel more confident that doing this will be successful and very beneficial to our district.
Added 5 days ago, by Jennifer
Very informative
Added 19 days ago, by Anonymous
The course was very easy to understand and very authentic.
Added 29 days ago, by Madelyn
Added about 1 month ago, by Traci
Added about 2 months ago, by Donna
I am very excited about what was taught and excited about now beginning the work of putting a program together to present to my school district.
Added 2 months ago, by Danielle
Added 3 months ago, by Ermelinda
Added 4 months ago, by Amy

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