Webinar: Speak Up

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Brandy Bixler

29 Sep 2021

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Many young people have been spending unprecedented amounts of time alone online and away from the communities that give them a sense of belonging. With racist conspiracy theories about COVID-19 spreading widely and anxieties about racial justice protests mounting, white nationalist groups are taking advantage of this moment to target young people with racist, misogynistic and anti-Semitic rhetoric. This training will prepare educators to respond to such rhetoric—and the bigoted organizing behind it—when it makes its way into classrooms.


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Webinar: Speak Up!
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The slides are great - I had no idea of some of the signals or symbols associated with white nationalists. Unfortunately, the video that is linked is NOT the proper one; it's about summative and formative assessments so I had to just go off the slides.
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This website has a link to the WRONG video. I went back to the NEA site to watch it.

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