Leadership Development 102: A Strategic Approach to Leadership Development

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Course Length
75 mins

Cory Wofford

08 Jul 2021



This course demonstrates how to use the NEA Leadership Competency Framework as a tool to assist educators on their leadership journey. Additionally, this course articulates how the framework supports a strategic approach to leadership development at the organizational level.

It is recommended that you complete Leadership Development 101: A Foundational Course for Activists and Leaders before enrolling in this course. Leadership Development 101 is designed to deepen your understanding of the NEA Leadership Development Competency Framework.


In this course you will:

Utilize the NEA Leadership Competency Guide to create a plan to achieve self-defined goals.

Review an example of how one state affiliate adopted the NEA Leadership Competency Framework in its efforts to be more strategic about leadership development. 

Explore how the NEA Leadership Competency Framework, along with an audit of your Association's leadership development efforts, can assist an affiliate in developing a leadership development strategy and advance the affiliate's organizational priorities. 

Leadership Development 102
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i have learned many skills . thanks
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It is a need based course and it has enhanced my knowledge related to educational leadership.
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