Leadership Development 101: A Foundational Course for Activists and Leaders

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Course Length
60 mins

Cory Wofford

06 Mar 2021



This course is designed for educators who are looking to discover the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to lead thriving Associations and become world-class leaders in their professions. This is a foundational course and will define for participants what it means to be a 21st century education leader. Additionally, participants will deepen their awareness of the value of the NEA Leadership Competency Framework as a lens and tool through which they can chart their individual leadership journey and/or assist others in their development. 


In this course you will …

  • Learn how NEA defines leadership and the role all educators play in their professions.
  • Develop a foundational awareness of the NEA Leadership Development Framework, its value for educators, and the power of the framework to transform educators into leaders.
  • Learn how to use the framework as a tool for leadership development for self and for coaching others in their leadership development to enhance organizational capacity


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Good introductory course on the NEA Framework
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