ELI Kick Off

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Brandy Bixler

08 Sep 2020



Welcome to the Early Leadership Institute!

This course is designed to kick-off your 6-month cohort based learning journey. ELI is designed to engage early career educators around identifying and problem solving issues and concerns unique to early career educators. Using social engagement, teaming, and collaboration, ELI will help you to identify, address and advocate for change using tools and relationships within the association. 


In this course you will learn…

  • The history of the NEA, and how local, state and national affiliates work together.
  • The journey and components of ELI
  • The roadmap, sessions, and activities involved in ELI
  • How to conduct a sounding board
  • Be prepared to engage in a leadership journey interview 


Throughout ELI you will learn...

  • How to engage with other early career educators through sounding boards.
  • Identify issues and concerns, and narrow down a focus to identify specific topics to be addressed.
  • Work collaboratively to problem solve, include stakeholders and critical friends, apply feedback, and create a plan of implementation.

ELI Kickoff
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